Gate Entrance Rules and Guidelines


The gate is a RFID scanner. It requires a decal to be placed on the outside of your windshield in the upper left (driver’s side) corner. Each lot is permitted two complimentary car decals, and each additional decal up to six decals are $10.00 each (you will be notified about how to pay). Any request over six is subject to Board Approval. All reasonable requests will be approved.

Decals will not be permitted for temporary vehicles. Decals are not transferable. They cannot be moved once they are placed on your vehicle as they will be registered to that specific vehicle.

In order to get your decals, you must fill out the Request Form and return it to Lisa Newman, the Gate Board Officer. You may submit this form via e-mail to [email protected]. You will be able to submit this form online soon.

You must identify whether the car decal request is for a resident or a non-resident. If it is for a non-resident, the request is subject to Board Approval. All reasonable requests will be approved.


The call box is programmed by your name and telephone number provided on the car decal request form. Your name and number will be registered in the system and single use or infrequent visitors may use the box to scroll and find your name. Once your name is found, they will press the CALL button. The gate will then call your phone number and if you want to admit the visitor, you press 9 (you might need to press 9 more than once). If you do not want to admit the visitor, you simply hang up.