POA Dues

Each property owner pays annual dues each year to the Property Owners Association (POA). These dues are used for community upkeep including the entrance area, common areas, landscaping, and road maintenance. They are also used for insurance premiums, taxes, utility fees, annual meetings and enforcement of the protective covenants. The Dues were increased from the amount in the original covenants in Amendment #2. The Covenants and the Amendments may be found on this website under the tab Rules and Guidelines.

POA Annual Dues are $800.00 due November 1 of each year to cover the upcoming year. The $800.00 is broken down into $650.00 of Association Dues and $150.00 which goes directly to Lake Tobesofkee Recreation. This Lake Fee, an annual required lake access permit fee, allows each owner access to the lake through both neighborhood Common Areas and the public parks on the lake. Bibb County Parks and Recreation mails each property owner a lake pass during the first quarter of the year.
Individual Property Owners owning multiple lots are required to pay the $650.00 each year on each lot, but pay only one Lake Fee unless he/she has docks or homes on the additional lots.

Property Owners will receive an annual Invoice each year in October. They should mail their POA Dues before November 1st to:

Peninsula POA
4885 Hwy 41 S.
Macon, GA 31220